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Quarterly community assessment of the socio-economic situation in Zimbabwe

III: Production and Incomes

Community Monitoring Programme

October 2004

Posted with permission of the Community Monitoring Programme.
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The Community Monitoring Programme aims to provide community based information to inform programmes aimed at socio-economic development and food security in Zimbabwe.

The Community Monitoring Programme is implemented through civil society organisations based within districts and through community-based monitors. Since 2002 the programme has been carrying out monthly situation assessments of economic and social welfare and food security to support community focussed reponses to social and economic challenges and to inform civil society- state interactions on social and economic development. Quaterly monitoring is implemented every three months to examine in a mroe focussed way specific social and economic issues.

This third round of quaterly community based monitoring is on Production and incomes. It was carried out in October 2004 and the report is compiled from 152 monitoring reports from 58 districts from all provinces of Zimbabwe, with an average of 2.6 reports per district.

The monitoring information is collected from sentinel wards within districts. Data presented is cross validated through two or more site reports on any indicator. Training, review by monitors and peer review is continuously implemented to improve both coverage and data quality. Queries and feedback on these reports is welcomed and should be directed to the Civic Monitoring Programme at

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