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Commission for Africa

Recommendations of the Commission for Africa

Commission for Africa

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Contents - Recommendations on

  1. Governance and Capacity-Building
  2. Peace and Security
  3. Leaving No-One Out: Investing in People
  4. Growth and Poverty Reduction
  5. Trade
  6. Resources
  7. How to Make All This Happen
Africa has begun to make progress in the long battle against poverty. But to sustain that will require a stronger partnership between African nations and those of the rich world. That means action, and change, on both sides.

Africa must take the lead in this partnership, take on responsibility for its problems and take ownership of the solutions - which are far more likely to work if they spring from African insights and judgments than if they are imposed from outside. The international community, for its part, must cease to do those things by which it harms or disadvantages the world's poorest people. It must do what it can to support the reforms which are underway in Africa; these must accelerate significantly if the continent is to prosper and poor people are to share in that prosperity. It must support Africa's regional initiatives, including the African Union and its NEPAD programme, to work together to generate and promote these reforms.

Some of our recommendations - on infrastructure, on health, on education - require significant transfers of money from the developed world to Africa. Others -underpinned by new approaches to African cultures - require changes to behaviour, ways of working and priorities. Others call on the international community to stop doing things which damage Africa. All these should be seen as an integrated package. Partners must work together to implement this package with commitment, perseverance and speed, each focusing on how they can make the most effective contribution.

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