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NEPAD: three years of progress

Multistakeholder Dialogue

Johannesburg, 22 October 2004

This powerpoint presentation was presented by Professor Wiseman Nkuhlu to the NEPAD Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue, Sandton Convention Centre, October 2004.
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“We Can not plan the future without learning lessons from the past”


  • Need to involve NEPAD Stakeholders in the NEPAD programme review;
  • Communicate NEPAD programme status and focus improvement to stakeholders;
  • Understand, through break away sessions and in other ways, what each stakeholder can contribute to and expect from NEPAD;
  • Improve the quality of, and confidence in NEPAD implementation;
  • Invite more ownership and leadership by Africans, and more involvement and support by development partners;
  • Understand the limitations/constraints; where are the gaps and their importance;
  • Focus on programme sustainability;
  • Pave the way forward.

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