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SARPN Helsinki Process

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Southern Africa

Benjamin Roberts

Helsinki Process on Globalisation and Democracy

This analysis was commissioned by the Helsinki Process on Globalisation and Democracy for a discussion held in Pretoria on the 16 October 2004.
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Some initial remarks…

    “Will our legacy of our generation be more than a series of broken promises?” – Nelson Mandela
Having now passed the half way mark on the road to 2015, it is important that we reflect on the progress that has been made towards achieving the MDGs, and identify salient priority areas for the next decade.

Despite some signs in progress in Southern Africa, the challenges facing many of these countries has hampered progress. These include the HIV/AIDS pandemic, persisting inequalities, and political unrest.

Focus of the presentation:

  • An overview of where countries in the sub-region stand in relation to the MDGs. (‘what is wrong with the world’)
  • A brief reflection on policy and programmatic responses, with a particular focus on PRS’ (‘what is being done about it’)
  • Identifying some of the important issues for decision-makers in scaling up the response (‘what needs to be done’)

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