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Strategy & Tactics

Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Progamme Phase 1 evaluation: nodal review

Researched and written for the Independent Development Trust

By David Everatt, Nobi Dube and Moagi Ntsime of Strategy & Tactics

June 2004

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The Independent Development Trust (IDT) commissioned Strategy & Tactics (S&T) to help evaluate the first phase of the Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Programme (ISRDP). Our work focuses not on internal or management issues, nor on impact. Rather, we were commissioned to undertake a nodal review to assess the way in which the ISRDP has been rolled out since being announced by President Mbeki in January 2001 and the extent to which co-ordination and integration have (or have not) been achieved. We did so by interviewing a range of local officials involved with the ISRDP (from Executive Mayors to local officials and staff working in support organisations); this report is a ‘bottom-up’ view on the ISRDP from inception to late 2003.

A team from S&T, the IDT and Department of Provincial and Local Government (DPLG) helped design the questionnaire and finalise methodological issues. The questionnaire was evenly divided between qualitative and quantitative questions, both of which are analysed in this report.

This report combines the quantitative and qualitative data, allowing us to provide more detail and nuance on overall findings. In response to requests from the nodes, we have also incorporated a set of quantitative findings per node (see Appendix A). The data in these tables, although based on a relatively small number of respondents in each node, should allow the nodes to develop a more detailed understanding of their own specifics, as well as benchmark themselves against the other nodes in the ISRDP.

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