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CSO budget monitoring in Malawi


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Civil society budget monitoring for national accountability
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Workshop Report, 17 – 19 February 2004, Lilongwe, Malawi
Prepared by Kate Dyer and Chris Pain for OXFAM GB

Posted with permission of Oxfam GB.

Participants, Photograph by Arman Navasardyan, OXFAM (GB) Armenia

The fourfold objectives of the workshop were identified in advance as being:
  1. To bring together individuals and representatives of organisations involved in budget monitoring, or the development of monitoring processes and tools, with a view to developing a supportive community of practice of those organisations/ individuals.
  2. Locate budget tracking exercises within the broader budget cycle and budget work in general.
  3. Analyse work done to date, through the development of a case studies, assessing their impact and the nature of the tools and methods that were used
  4. Identify best practices in terms of budget tracking work, including ensuring its gender sensitivity, and linkages into lobbying and advocacy activities.
Civil society coalition for quality basic education
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Budget monitoring exercise 2003

Posted with acknowledgement to the Civil Society Coalition for Basic Education

Schoolgirls dancing in rural Malawi
Schoolgirls dancing in rural Malawi, Photograph by Rhino Chiphiko, Lilongwe


Malawi’s approval of a Poverty Reduction Strategy in April 2002 also saw the government adopt a somewhat new approach towards the budget involving the identification of Priority Poverty Expenditures, to be protected in times of financial stress. Various civil society organisations and coalitions have welcomed this move and are keen to observe the implementation of this approach and monitor the results and impacts these have on the country. Within primary education the PPEs are identified as teaching and learning materials, teacher’s salaries, teacher training and teacher housing. In total, MK 1,049 million was allocated to these PPEs in financial year 2002-3. However, changes in what has been included as PPEs from year to year make temporal comparisons difficult, the two PPEs for which information is available for all three financial years, teaching and learning materials and teacher training, have both registered declines in real terms in 2002-3 compared to 2001-2.

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