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Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace
Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace

Commentary on the 2004/05 Budget

Mulima Kufekisa Akapelwa

February 2004

Posted with permission of the Catholic Centre for Justice, Development and Peace. Website:
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The Catholic Centre for Justice, Development and Peace is endeavouring to contribute to national issues through an analysis of the budget as has become its practice. In doing this, CCJDP pays particular attention to the social dimensions of the budget, that is the impact on the livelihood and well-being of the Zambian people and the promotion of social justice and equity.

As usual the CCJDP's contribution is based on three cornerstones. These are:

  1. First hand experience of people's conditions through our grassroots contacts in many different parts of the country,
  2. Empirical and analytical data through research and widespread consultation, and
  3. The basic principles of the Church's Social Teaching that emphases the values of solidarity, common good, community and focus on the poor.
The Church has marked this year as the year of Justice and Peace, we are therefore urged and challenged to promote justice and peace in all we do. It is in this perspective that we will look at this year's budget to examine how well it upholds the rights and dignity of the poor, the rights of workers and how it promotes economic governance.

The presentation is organised in four parts. Part one will look at the process of budgeting for the 2004 budget and makes analysis of macroeconomic target set by government. Part II specifically looks at tax issues and analyses the social sectors with particular attention to health, education, social welfare, agriculture and local Government. Part III looks at concerns over public funds management and lastly. Part IV, is the conclusion and recommendations.

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