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PRSPs and health issues

Contact: Rebecca Dodd

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The Department of MDGs, Health and Development Policy, WHO headquarters, Geneva, has recently printed a document entitled "PRSPs: Their Significance for health; second synthesis report" (WHOP/HDP/PRSP/04.1). This study is based on a desk review of 21 Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) from a health perspective, and aims to answer these key questions:

  • To what extent is improved health seen to play a role in poverty reduction?
  • What health strategies are proposed by PRSPs, and how far will these improve the health status of the poorest?
  • What do PRSP budgets say about health spending?
This synthesis report is based on a series of individual analyses of PRSPs. These analyses are now available online, at: Each analysis draws out all information on health contained in any given country's PRSP, allowing others interested in the health content of PRSPs to carry out their own research and draw their own conclusions. In the coming weeks, we will hold a lunchtime seminar to launch the database and explain its functioning.

For further information about the PRSP work, or extra copies of the document, please contact Rebecca Dodd on

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