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Reducing Inequality and Poverty

A BIG Solution

Basic Income Grant Coalition

2 - 3 December 2003


Ipelegeng, Soweto, Gauteng


Posted with permission of the organisers
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Table of contents


    DAY 1

    Keynote Address - Dr Molefe Tsele
    Opening Plenary
    • Ten Year Review - Yasmin Dada-Jones
    • Speech by Pumi Yeni
    Constitutional Obligations of the State
    • Progressive Realisation of the Right to Social Security - Isobel Frye
    Poverty and the Development of Social Protection
    • Citizenship & Politics of Poverty - Wiseman Magasela
    • Poverty & Unemployment in South Africa - Charles Meth
    • Public Works as a Component of Social Protection - Anna McCord
    Politics of the BIG
    • Presentation by Neil Coleman
    • Presentation by Guy Standing

    DAY 2

    Administration and Delivery of BIG
    • Presentation by Graham Bendell, Smart Cards
    Financing the BIG
    • Presentation by Elroy Paulus
    • Presentation by Selwyn Jehoma
    Comprehensive Approach
    • HIV/AIDS and BIG
      • Presentation by Fatima Hassan
      • A Health Perspective of Social Security re HIV - Andrew Boulle
    • Gender and BIG
      • Presentation by Beth Goldblatt
      • Presentation by Johanna Kehler
    Investment, Growth and Inequality
    • Presentation by Neva Makgetla
    • Open Letter to Thabo Mbeki - Senator Eduardo Suplicy
    The BIG Video
    Sectoral Impact
    • Children, Youth and BIG
      • Presentation by Siswe Shezi
      • Presentation by Brown Motsau
      • Presentation by Shirin Motala
    • The Right to Food
      • Presentation by Sibonile Khoza
    Closing Address - Willie Madisha

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