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SAIIA: eAfrica Journal

The Electronic Journal of Governance and Innovation

Volume 1, October 2003


South African Institute of International Affairs. Website:
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In This Issue:

  • Verbatim
  • Africa After Cancun
Special Feature:
  • The African Peer Review Mechanism
Minding My Brother
The Five Stages of APRM
Lessons from the OECD
Roundtable Debate
Harmful Effects of Aid

Peer Review: Who Owns the Process?

FOR two years Africa’s leading reformers have been raising expections on and off the continent with a novel promise: To avoid repeating the sins of the past, heads of state would hold each other accountable to higher standards. Now the hype is over. Amid much anticipation, the African Peer Review Mechanism is gearing up to begin its first assessments. . .

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