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Options for democratising the World Bank and the IMF

Paul Ladd
Christian Aid

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1. Introduction
2. Summary
3. Problems with the current system
  • Allocation of votes
  • Allocation of seats on governing bodies
  • Constraints on capacity
  • Board transparency
  • Selecting IFI leaders
4. Options for reform
  • Allocation of votes
  • Increasing and/or reallocating seats
  • Increasing resources to address capacity
  • Transparency of board decisions
  • Selecting IFI leaders
5. References


The extent of poverty in Southern Africa makes the region highly dependent on the operations of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. One indicator, amongst many, is the extent to which states in Southern Africa are engaged in PRSP processes in an attempt to qualify for HIPC debt relief. This analysis was commissioned by the Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN) to increase public awareness, primarily within Southern Africa, of the key policy issues involved in restructuring the Bretton Woods institutions. It should be read and compared with the outcomes of the impending meeting of the Development Committee.

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