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Consortium for Southern Africa Food Security Emergency

Situation Report # 5 - August 30, 2003

Posted with permission of C-SAFE.
This report was prepared by Kara Greenblott, Programming Section Manager for the RPU.
If you have questions or comments on the content - or would like to make a contribution - she can be contacted at
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This situation report covers May/June/July of 2003. With systems in place and food commodities in countries - programs are moving full-speed ahead. This issue contains lots of news from the members in each of the three C-SAFE country consortia - Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi - as well as updates on regional initiatives. With two months left in C-SAFE's first year of operation - teams are preparing their Implementation Plans for YR 2, as well as developing new proposals for OFDA and other donors around Community Resilience strategies (disaster mitigation/preparedness), including mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS.

In this Issue

  • C-SAFE Baseline Survey released - supports C-SAFE developmental relief strategy
  • CRS leads C-SAFE in developing OFDA 'Community Resilience' Proposal
  • FACTS from the BASELINE - 60 % of families surveyed are 'vulnerable'
  • C-SAFE hires HIV/AIDS advisor to enhance programming focus on HIV/AIDS

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