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Proceedings of the international forum for sharing experiences on PRSP monitoring and implementation
- the involvement of civil society

Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CRPR) Zambia


Held in Lusaka on the 23rd - 24th June, 2003

Posted with permission of CSPR, Lusaka, Zambia
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Executive Summary

The International Forum on experience sharing on PRSP monitoring and implementation - the involvement of civil society, that was held from 23rd to 24th June 2003 at Mulungushi village complex, Lusaka in Zambia attracted both international and local delegates.

The forum was officially opened by the Deputy minister of Finance and National Planning in Zambia Honorable Mbita Chitala. The conference whose sole object was to share experiences on PRSP drew delegates from Angola, Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Malawi, Nepal German, Netherlands, Zanzibar and Zambia the host country. The forum which was initially planned for 45 delegates but due to vast interest it generated both locally and internationally it was attended by more than 65 persons including International organisation like CORDAID, GTZ CAFOD -UK,EURODAD and DFID.

World bank senior partners officer - Africa region Veena Siddharth, International Monitory Fund Country representative for Zambia, Dr Mark Eylln, gave presentations on their expectation from the PRSPs while the World bank Country manger for Zambia also gave a brief talk during the forum.

More than 15 papers were presented during the two -days meeting, which also saw participants breaking into three working groups on Networking, Advocacy and partnership building. The presentations were mainly centered on civil society's experiences in drawing up, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of PSRPs. Country case studies of Zambia, Mozambique and Angola were presented as a way of having an in depth insight on; civil society mobilisation for PRSP implementation, CSO / government relationships around the PRSPs and indeed governments commitment to the PRSP implementation.

After fruitful deliberations the delegates agreed to continue networking as a way forward. Mozambique was chosen to take the leading role of building partnership within CSO while Zambia was challenged to develop a network website. As for Uganda, the forum agreed that it would spearhead the Advocacy issues on the PRSP

The main conclusions that emerged from the forum and the subsequent recommendations that would be derived from the forum were centred on networking between South-South countries and greater involvement of CSO in PRSP monitoring, especially those in Sub-Saharan Africa. The conclusions related, not only to the countries where the PRSPs were being implemented but to broader bilateral and multilateral Institution that provide various forms of support to Highly Indebted Poor Countries.

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