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Russian versus Chinese models of development: any lessons for reducing poverty in South Africa?

18th July 2003

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David Ellerman, who has just retired as the Economic Advisor to the Chief Economist of the World Bank, will soon be visiting South Africa. During this period he worked closely with the then Chief Economist, Joseph Stiglitz. Before joining the World Bank, Ellerman helped frame the main legislative and tax frameworks passed by the US Congress to support employee ownership in the USA.

Ellerman is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in the movement for worker ownership in the US, developing co-operative firms and support organisations in support of worker ownership.

He has also written widely on the differing development paths undertaken by Russia and China during the last decade or so. Russia's path has largely been built around issues of privatisation while China's has involved a more gradualist approach, notably in its villages from which has stemmed what some regard as the "greatest period of economic growth known to man". His most recent book is called "Helping people to help themselves".

His presentation will cover the Russian and Chinese experiences and will suggest some issues of relevance for South Africa. Given that the recent Growth and Development Summit declaration placed a distinct stress on developing co-operatives in South Africa, this talk should be highly stimulating and relevant.

Note: Persons who would like to read a World Bank briefing note, written by Ellerman in October 2001, which touches in a technical fashion on some of these issues can go to:

Venue: HSRC Conference Centre, 134 Pretorius Street, Pretoria
Date: Friday 18th July 2003
Time: 11.30am to end not later than 1pm

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