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Promoting sustainable development in Southern Africa:
Post WSSD sub-regional civil society workshop

Devonshire Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa 2nd - 4th April 2003

Organized by Danish 92 Group Rio +10 Project Partners in Southern Africa,
Hosted by Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG)

Posted with permission of the EMG. Website:
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Executive summary
Table of contents
Report without appendices - 93Kb ~ 1 min (28 pages)
  1. Background and Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Participation
  4. Activities and Approach
  5. Proceedings of the Discussions
  6. Way Forward and Plan of Action
  7. Linking with Potential Donors
  8. Lobbying and Advocacy Training
  9. Window of Opportunity: 2nd AU Summit in Mozambique
  10. Conclusion
Appendices - 196Kb ~ 1 min (54 pages)
  1. List of participants
  2. Programme
  3. Participant's expectations
  4. Mozambique Post WSSD Report
  5. Namibia Post WSSD Report
  6. South Africa Post WSSD Report
  7. Zimbabwe Post WSSD Report
  8. Danish 92 Subregional Coordinators Report
  9. Southern Africa key networks reports and summaries
  10. WSSD Outcomes Overview and Discussions
  11. Possibility of Phase II- Guidelines
  12. Documents for visualizing exercise in Lobbying and Advocacy training
  13. Content and Discussions for Lobbying and Advocacy Training
  14. AU summit: Mozambique host civil society meeting
  15. Evaluation of expectations

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