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Socio-economic transformation-progress or regression?

Blade Nzimande
South African Communist Party

31 October 2002

Extracted from: UMSEBENZI ONLINE - Volume 1, No. 4, 4 December 2002

SARPN acknowledges the SACP's e-journal Umsebenzi for this article
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1.   Socio-economic transformation-progress or regression?
  Deepening income inequality
  Racialised inequality
  Deepening class exploitation
  The social wage
  The lessons are very clear-"the political economy of labour versus the political economy of property"
  Perhaps things have improved since October 2000?
  The gains themselves are threatened

2.   Building a People-driven and Progressive HIV/AIDS Movement
  The Private Sector
  The way forward

3.   A New Phase in Global Imperialism-the Centrality of the Struggle for Common Public Goods

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