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Economic Linkages Between South Africa and Mozambique - August 2002

The need to study the economic linkages between the two economies is drawn from the fact that Mozambique and South Africa are major economic partners in the region. Thus, this study's primary goal is to provide a fuller picture of the economic linkages between the two countries and of the opportunities for, and threats to, greater economic integration between the two economies, based on existing data. The study identifies sources of data and of analysis of the linkages between the two economies (bibliographic references), as well as areas where new primary research is required.2

This paper is organized into four main sections, namely: a brief historical background to the understanding of current trends and patterns of economic linkages between South Africa and Mozambique; an analysis of such current trends and patterns based on descriptive data; an identification of key developments that may shape future linkages; and a final section that draws conclusions regarding the analysis of strengths and weaknesses for future and deeper integration of the two economies.

  1. See DfID-SA. 2002. Terms of reference for a study on the economic linkages between South Africa and Mozambique.
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