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Taking the New Partnership for Africa's Development seriously - November 2002

2. Peace and security
NEPAD's vision: NEPAD commits African governments to establish mechanisms to be accountable for securing the rights of minorities, nationalities, and ethnic groups; to protect natural resources from exploitation, especially during times of conflict; and to demonstrate the will to confront root causes of conflicts in a manner that respects human rights and moves nations toward just conflict resolution.

US responsibility: To support these aspirations, as a recognition of a common concern for a just peace and of the US responsibility to contribute toward that peace in the international community, we note the following indicators for US policy:
  1. The US government will have as its primary focus a people-centered common security interest in its security relationship to African countries.

  2. The US government will respect the sovereignty of African countries and will refrain from unilateral activity aimed at undemocratic regime changes.

  3. The US government will contribute its fair share to multilateral peace-keeping initiatives.

  4. The US government will ratify the landmines treaty and the child soldiers protocol, and will actively support multinational efforts to control the arms traffic, including small arms.

  5. The US government will take concrete action to prevent US economic activities from serving to fuel and exploit African conflicts, including, but not limited to, oil and diamonds.
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