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Increasing food supply and reducing hunger: strengthening national and regional food security

Extracts from the Nepad document:
Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme
Version 09

Prepared with the collaboration of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

August 2002

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Table of contents
Executive summary
1. Introduction
2. Food Insecurity in Africa
3. Strategies to Reduce Food Insecurity
  3.1. Preparedness and Response Capacity to Emergencies
  3.2. Programmes to enhance Food Security through Production
4. Africa and the SPFS
5. Funding Requirements
6. Regional Programmes for Food Security
  6.1. Trade facilitation
  6.2. Harmonisation of agricultural policies
  6.3. Support to national programmes for food security for increased production and productivity
7. NEPAD and the Improvement of Food Security

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