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Save the Children UK: Southern Africa scenario planning paper

Anna McCord
Economics Department
University of Cape Town

October 2002

SARPN acknowledges permission from SCF UK for permission to post this document on our website.
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Introduction to Southern African Regional Economic Overview

In line with the terms of reference, this paper is not an orthodox situation analysis, but provides instead both an impressionistic and predictive analysis on the main economic factors affecting children’s security and well being in the region. Thus it is not just a narrative of the issues now, but an interpretation of the most important changes which could occur in southern Africa over the next 4 years.

It does not outline the impact of each set of economic issues on children’s welfare, as the impact of each concern is accumulative in terms of its impact on the wider economy. The point at which economic outcomes impact on the lives of children is the point at which economics meets politics. The critical factor here is the constraint which economic performance places on political choices. This analysis outlines the key economic processes which will set the limits of political choice in the region over the next four years, and highlights the main economic challenges which Save the Children’s regional programme will need to consider.

Table of contents
1. Executive Summary
2. The State of the Regional Economy
3. Regional Economic Integration and Benefits for the Region
4. South African Regional Investment and Economic Role
5. Private Sector Investment
7. Regional Participation in the Global Economy
8. Trends in Commercial Agriculture
9. HIV
[Download complete document - 120Kb ~ 1 min (33 pages)]

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