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Managing Water Disasters and Minimizing the Vulnerability of Mozambique to Floods - Minister Roberto White

Mozambique has received strong support from the SADC countries and from the international community during and after the floods. This support helped to minimize the tragedy and to accelerate the recovery of the damages.

Support is also needed to allow Mozambique to execute the tasks required for a better management of the floods in the future, following the general ideas presented in this document.

The country needs technical and financial assistance specifically aimed towards the creation and initial development of the National Office for Flood Management.

Technical and financial assistance is also needed for the various areas herewith described, including the strengthening of the INAM, the recovery and expansion of the hydrometeorological networks and communication systems, the design and installation of the flood warning systems, the dissemination of information, the strenghtening of the reaction capacity, the upgrading of the roads, dykes and other infrastructure, and the studies concerning flood zoning and occupation.

Mozambique has a number of projects under execution or that have been already financed (for example, the design and installation of telemetry and flood warning systems for the Limpopo and Incomati rivers). However, there are many others for which additional support is required, as they are essential components of the country's strategy to deal more effectively with large floods in the future.

The Mozambican Government remains commited to pursuing its agenda for reducing absolute poverty within an environment that encourages rapid and sustainable economic growth.

Mozambique is deeply grateful to its partners of cooperation for the support and assistance they have guaranteed over these difficult years. Especially appreciated was that given by sister SADC countries namely: RSA, Zimbabwe and Malawi. The country is confident that, with the implementation of PARPA and support for the post-flood reconstruction programmes, the future will be better for coming generations, in a less vulnerable country.

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