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Managing Water Disasters and Minimizing the Vulnerability of Mozambique to Floods - Minister Roberto White

Because no other SADC country is in a similar position to Mozambique, this country needs to put forward special measures to deal effectively with the problem of floods, so that the worse negative impacts of this phenomenon can be mitigated.

Mozambique requires a strategy for that purpose. Such a strategy can be supported in three levels:
  • measures and decisions taken at the national level and applied for each of the flood prone basins

  • measures and decisions taken at the regional (SADC) level and applied by all countries that share each flood prone basin

  • measures and decisions taken by the international community to support the efforts of Mozambique and SADC to reduce the vulnerability of Mozambique to floods.

The general objectives to be achieved are:

  • to create a common vision for the policy and the long- and short-term measures to be adopted for a better management of the floods in the future

  • to get support for the implementation of these policy and measures.

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