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Managing Water Disasters and Minimizing the Vulnerability of Mozambique to Floods - Minister Roberto White

Even before the recent floods, it was clear that the hydrometeorological networks in Mozambique were insufficient, still being at a level inferior to what existed at the time of Independence (fig 7). Therefore, the need is not only to recover what has been damaged by the floods but, in fact, to strengthen and expand the networks. For the purpose of flood management, the most essential data refers to rainfall, water level and discharges. Although the recovery of the hydrometeorological networks was part of the National Water Policy, approved in 1995, this recovery has been too slow.

A study of the network required in each national and international basin must be conducted, with the sub-set of stations specifically aimed for floods, obeying to special requirements for robustness and transmission of data in real-time. The study should include the investment costs, running costs and the requirement and training of field and monitoring staff.

Besides data collection inside Mozambique, it is essential to share data with neighboring countries, through well-defined and reliable channels, of rainfall, water levels and discharges in the upstream countries. This must be done on a basin by basin basis and requires the full cooperation of the neighboring SADC countries.

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