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The Mutapola Campaign
Dec 2004

'3 by 5' Progress Report
UNAIDS, World Health Organisation, Dec 2004

Beyond the disease of discrimination: a critical analysis of HIV-related stigma in KTC, Cape Town
Elizabeth Mills, University of Cape Town, Dec 2004

Procedures for the identification of groups vulnerable to food insecurity and malnutrition due to the impacts of HIV and AIDS and mechanisms for beneficiary selection and eligibility for appropriate interventions
SETSAN, Dec 2004

From disaster to development: HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa
Interfund, Dec 2004

Migration and Health: Migration Dialogue for Southern Africa
Migration Dialogue of Southern Africa (MIDSA), 24 Nov 2004

Community-based worker project: South Africa in-country review report
Jeff Zingel, Lindiwe Mdhluli, Daniel Pienaar, 16 Nov 2004

Assessment of OVC interventions with a food component in Namibia
Rene Verduijn, Nov 2004

Survey of legislative efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in the southern Africa development community (SADC) region
NDI & SADC PF, Nov 2004

Interim review of the multi-country HIV/AIDS program for Africa
MAP programme, Oct 2004

HIV and AIDS and food and nutrition security linkages in Mozambique
Margaret McEwan, 23 Sep 2004

The costs of HIV/AIDS among professional staff in the Zambian public health sector
Rich Feeley, Sydney Rosen, Matthew Fox, Mubiana Macwan'gi, Arthur Mazimba, Central Board of Health, Sep 2004

Zambia national health accounts 2002: Main findings
Felix Phiri, Marie Tien, Ministry of Health/Abt Associates, Sep 2004

Food security, livelihoods and HIV/AIDS: a guide to the linkages, measurement and programming implications
Michael O'Donnell, Save the Children, Aug 2004

A gendered analysis of the burden of care on family and volunteer caregivers in Uganda and South Africa
Olagoke Akintola, HEARD, Aug 2004

Report of the regional workshop of national AIDS authorities on the implementation of the SADC HIV and AIDS strategic framework
Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), Aug 2004

Measuring Impacts of HIV/Aids on African Rural Economies
T S Jayne, Michigan State University, 13 Jul 2004

Community, care, change and hope: local responses to HIV in Zambia
Sue Lucas, Jul 2004

Development planning and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa
Mirjam van Donk, UNDP Regional Project on HIV & Development, Jul 2004

Women, HIV/AIDS, property rights and livelihoods in Zimbabwe
Lynn Walker, Kate Mhambi, Kaori Izumi, Institute for Development Studies, 28 Jun 2004

Reclaiming the state: advancing people's health, challenging injustice
Equinet, 8 Jun 2004

To have and to hold: women's property and inheritance rights in the context of HIV/AIDS in sub-saharan Africa
Richard Strickland, Jun 2004

Unravelling the dynamics of HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination: the Role of community-based research - Case Studies of Northern Uganda and Burundi
Angela Hadjipateras, Agency for Co-operation and Research Development (ACORD), Jun 2004

Introductory comments: Zimbabwe Human Development Report 2003
Prof. E Gomo, University of Zimbabwe, 6 May 2004

USAID Southern Africa HIV/AIDS strategic plan fy 2004-2008
USAID, 6 May 2004

The HIV and AIDS epidemic in Zimbabwe: Where are we now? Where are we going?
National Aids Council, May 2004

HIV/AIDS and the private sector
National Action Group, 27 Apr 2004

Public opinion and HIV/AIDS
Afrobarometer, Apr 2004

Lesotho's strength is its people: a rapid appraisal of home and community based care
Care Lesotho, Apr 2004

Report Back on Swaziland, Notes for Press Briefing, UN Secretary-General'?s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa
Stephen Lewis, United Nations, 31 Mar 2004

Building capacity, restoring hope: the Southern Africa Capacity Initiative
Mark Malloch Brown, UNDP, 11 Mar 2004

Interaction between the agricultural sector and the HIV/AIDS pandemic: implications for agricultural policy
Thom Jayne, Mar 2004

Mozambique assessment: the impact of HIV/AIDS on household economy
Celia Petty, Kerry Selvester, John Seaman, James Acidri, Save the Children, Mar 2004

HIV/AIDS in Africa
Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy, 8 Feb 2004

Policy workshop on HIV/AIDS and family well-being
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 28 Jan 2004

Rian Malan Spreads Confusion about AIDS Statistics
Nathan Geffen, Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Jan 2004

Facing the future together: report of the United Nations Secretary-General's Task Force on Women, Girls and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa
Office of the UN Secretary General, 2004

The impact of HIV/AIDS on land rights: case studies from Kenya
Michael Aliber, Cherryl Walker, Mumbi Machera, Paul Kamau, Charles Omondi, Karuti Kanyinga, 2004

Dodging the fists?: the crushing blows of HIV/AIDS on leaders in Malawi
Rick James, Intrac, 2004

Monitoring of HIV/AIDS agreements
Riaz Tayob, SEATINI, 2004

Preliminary results from a baseline study of HIV risk factors in Swaziland
A Brody, J Ascroft, 2004

The impact of HIV/AIDS on farmers' knowledge of seed: case study of Chokwe District, Gaza Province, Mozambique
Dr Rachel Waterhouse, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Jan 2004

The treatment era: ART in Africa
IRIN, 2004

Multi-stakeholders with multiple perspectives: HIV/AIDS in Africa
Pieter Fourie, University of Johannesburg, 2004

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice linked to HIV Prevention in Young Children and Adolescents
Save the Children, 2004

An exploratory analysis of HIV and AIDS donor funding in South Africa
Nhlanhla Ndlovu, IDASA, 2004

HIV/AIDS and children's migration in Southern Africa
Nicola Ansell, Lorraine van Blerk, SAMP, 2004

The socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS on households in South Africa: pilot study of Welkom and Qwaqwa, Free State Province
F. Booysen, M. Bachman, Z. Matebesi and J. Meyer, University of the Free State, and Centre for Health Systems Research and Development, Jan 2004

HIV/AIDS: A new challenge for Protected Area Management in Madagascar - The integration of HIV/AIDS activities into the Management of Ankarafantsika National Park
Dr Pascal Lopez (team leader), Ulrike Bergmann, Philippe Dresrusse, Michael Hoppe, Alexander Frode &, SLE Studies, 2004

Teacher training: Essential for school-based reproductive health and HIV/AIDS education
Tijuana A. James-Traore, William Finger, Claudia Daileader Ruland and Stephanie Savariaud, YouthNet, 2004

Premier Mbhazima Shilowa: Speech at the tabling of Gauteng's annual HIV/AIDS report
Gauteng Province, 13 Nov 2003

Botswana's strategy in the fight against HIV/AIDS
Festus Mogae, Botswana Government, Nov 2003

Mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS on food security and agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa
Wendy P Munn, Emma Sylvester Bradley, VETAID, Nov 2003

BBC Talking Point: discussion with President Mogae on HIV/AIDS in Botswana
President Festus Mogae, Government of Botswana, 30 Oct 2003

When someone is sick in the house, poverty has already entered
Lindsey Breslin, Oct 2003

National HIV/AIDS policy: a call for renewed action
National AIDS Commission, Oct 2003

Mobility and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa: a field study in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique
International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Sep 2003

Speech by Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS in Africa
3 Aug 2003

Equity in health sector responses to HIV/AIDS
Aug 2003

SADC Declaration on HIV/AIDS: Maseru
4 Jul 2003

Final Communique: 2003 SADC Heads of State and Government Summit on HIV/AIDS
4 Jul 2003

Management and administration course for HIV/AIDS program and project leaders/managers in Africa
Jul 2003

HIV/AIDS: what are the implications for humanitarian action?
Paul Harvey, Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Jul 2003

How to live positively: a pratical manual for facilitating community action in HIV/AIDS affected areas
Sam Page, Fortunate Nyakanda, Jul 2003

Zimbabwe water and sanitation sector HIV/AIDS response: programme, strategies and guidelines
National Action Committee, Government of Zimbabwe, Unicef, Jun 2003

Speech by Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, to the Global Health Council'?s Annual Conference, Washington
28 May 2003

Towards identifying impacts of HIV/AIDS on food security in Southern Africa and implictions for response: findings from Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe
SADC, 7 May 2003

Mobile populations and HIV/AIDS in the Southern African Region: recommendations for action
International Organisation for Migration, May 2003

Round-Table-Workshop: Mitigation of HIV/AIDS. Impacts through agricultural and rural development - success stories and future actions
May 2003

HIV/AIDS and attrition: assessing the impact on the safety, security and access to justice sector in Malawi and developing appropriate mitigation strategies
May 2003

Macro-Economic Implications of HIV/AIDS
Alex de Waal, May 2003

VIH/SIDA, Sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle: Comprendre et faire face
Stuart Gillespie, Institut International de Recherche sur la Politique Alimentaire, Apr 2003

Feedback report on communities reactions to the findings on the study of HIV/AIDS and its impacts on land tenure and livelihoods in Lesotho
Mat?eliso Mphale, Emmanuel Rwambali, Mar 2003

Double standards: women`s property rights violations in Kenya
Janet Walsh, Human Rights Watch, Mar 2003

What is driving the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Swaziland and what can we do about it?
Alan Whiteside, Mar 2003

HIV/AIDS and Food security in Africa
Alex de Waal, Joseph Tumushabe, Department for International Development (DFID), 1 Feb 2003

Poverty Brief - February 2003, Gender and HIV in Southern Africa: A discussion with Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy on HIV/Aids
SARPN, 29 Jan 2003

AIDS in Southern Africa
Stephen Lewis, 8 Jan 2003

Gender and HIV/AIDS: an analysis of Zimbabwe`s national policies and programmes on HIV/AIDS/STIS

HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming: a definition, some experiences and strategies
Department for International Development (DFID), Jan 2003

International AIDS Economics Network: survey of best information resources on AIDS issues
International AIDS Economics Network (IAEN), 2003

Global Health Sector Strategy for HIV/AIDS 2003 - 2007
World Health Organization (WHO), 2003

Family matters: the care and protection of children affected by HIV/AIDS in Malawi
Gillian Mann, Save the Children, Sweden, 2003

Robin Palmer, Jan 2003

Summary: Zimbabwe Human Development Report 2003
Jan 2003

Labour Migration and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa
Mr Daan Brummer, IOM, 2003

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into Development: What it can look like
Dan Mullins, Oxfam GB, 2 Dec 2002

HIV/AIDS and Africa's future
Pieter Fourie, Dec 2002

Report of the Consultation Meeting on HIV/AIDS and the Southern Africa Humanitarian Crisis
6 Nov 2002

Facing the Challenge: NGO Experiences of Mitigating the Impacts of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa
Natural Resources Institute, Greenwich University, Nov 2002

2002 Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Workshop on Children affected by HIV/AIDS
Nov 2002

The fertility transition in sub-Saharan Africa
Department of Social Development, HSRC, 24 Oct 2002

Expert Group Meeting on Completing The Fertility Transition
Leon Swartz, Department of Social Development, HSRC, 24 Oct 2002

Summary of West African Regional Parliamentary Conference - The role of Parliament in relation to NEPAD, Sustainable Development and HIV/AIDS, Accra, Ghana
AWEPA, 2 Oct 2002

Is HIV/AIDS a threat to political stability in Africa?
African Academy of Sciences (AAS), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), 16 Sep 2002

HIV/AIDS and Land: Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi and South Africa
Dan Mullins, Scott Drimie, 4 Sep 2002

HIV/AIDS and food security
Clive Bepura, SADC FANR, Sep 2002

SARPN Poverty Brief
Sep 2002

Labour migration and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa
Daan Brummer, International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Sep 2002

Conceptual shifts for sound planning: towards an integrated approach to HIV/Aids and poverty
Dr Roland Msiska, Aug 2002

The impact of HIV/AIDS on land reform in South Africa
Aug 2002

The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Rural Households and Land Issues in Southern and Eastern Africa - A Background Paper prepared for the Food and Agricultural Organization, Sub-Regional Office for Southern and Eastern Africa
Scott Drimie, Aug 2002

The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Land: Case Studies from Kenya, Lesotho and South Africa
Scott Drimie, Aug 2002

Impact of HIV/AIDS on Agriculture and the Private Sector in Swaziland: The Demographic, Social and Economic impact on Subsistence Agriculture, Commercial Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives and Business
Muwanga, F.T., TAT Health Services, Swaziland, Aug 2002

The impact of HIV/AIDS on Southern Africa`s Children: Poverty of planning and planning of poverty
Professor Alan Whiteside, Su Erskine, University of Natal, 2 Jul 2002

The impact of HIV/AIDS on land issues in Kwazulu-Natal province, South Africa
Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), Jul 2002

The impact of HIV/AIDS on land issues in Kwazulu-Natal province South Africa - peri-urban land tenure in the age of aids: report on the Kwanyuswa case studies
Catherine Cross, Jul 2002

The impact of HIV/AIDS on land issues in Kwazulu-Natal province South Africa - case studies from Muden, Dondotha, Kwadumisa and Kwanyuswa
Jun 2002

Journeys of faith: church-based responses to HIV and AIDS in three southern African countries
Gideon Byamugisha, Lucy Y. Steinitz, Glen Williams and Phumzile Zondi, Strategies for Hope, Jun 2002

The impact of HIV/AIDS on the land issue in Kenya
Wambui Kiai, Wagaki Mwangi, Eric Bosire, Mar 2002

hiv/aids and its impacts on land tenure and livelihoods in lesotho
Mat?eliso M. Mphale, Emmanuel G. Rwambali, Mokhant?o G. Makoae, 1 Mar 2002

National HIV and syphilis antenatal sero-prevalence survey in South Africa (summary report)
Department of Health, South Africa, 2002

HIV/AIDS, Gender and the challenge to orthodoxy, myth and silence
P.P. Fourie, 2002

Food and nutrition security strategy
SETSAN, 2002

Pharmaceuticals, Patents, Polemics and Pretoria
Pieter Fourie, Brendan Vickers, 10 Sep 2001

DIE, the beloved countries: Human security and HIV/AIDS in Africa
Pieter Fourie, Martin Schönteich, 2001

Discussion paper: Microfinance and HIV/AIDS
Joan Parker, US Agency for International Development (USAID), May 2000

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Expert Group Meeting on Completing The Fertility Transition
The impact of HIV/AIDS on Southern Africa`s Children: Poverty of planning and planning of poverty
Feedback report on communities reactions to the findings on the study of HIV/AIDS and its impacts on land tenure and livelihoods in Lesotho

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