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A contribution for the understanding of the legislation on repatriation on Southern Africa

9. Conclusions

The repatriation policies in Southern African specially between Mozambique and its neighbours are based on agreements. These are ironed out through meetings whether of bilateral or multilateral nature. The Government joint commissions are also involved in developing such agreements and Memoranda of understanding.

The fact that the complaints of the repatriated were truth is proved by the fact that these have been tabled and discussed at the appropriate government fora. Therefore, the statements and submissions that are made by the people concerned are not lost in academic inquiries but find their way to these appropriate channels.

In our view there is not point in resting on the achievements so fat. It is important to build on them, and on the will of the parties to work together to improve the mechanisms. It was clear from this paper that the countries of the hinterland continue to take unilateral measures when it comes to repatriation of Mozambicans. It is therefore that the Mozambican Government uses research and other forms of date collection to build and argue its case. Vigilance is the order of the day.

The reduction of illegal migration will not end by a magic word from Mars. The government of the region needs to look at the problem as one that affects them all. The fact that a country has to put resources available to the repatriation process is already a burden to its agenda. It is clear that people when driven by hunger become much more adventurous trying their luck even in the face of the most untold dangers and hardships. The countries of the region need to work together to address this problem collectively within the context of regional integration.

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