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A contribution for the understanding of the legislation on repatriation on Southern Africa

2. Migrations after Mozambique’s independence

After the independence of Mozambique clandestine migrancy took different facets and forms. Its upsurge may be explained by the poverty rates, the difficult political and economic conditions and the destabilisation wars engineered from outside that devastated the country.

Despite the fact that the number of migrant workers to the South African mines reduced, the rates of illegal migrants shot up. Summarily, we discuss the main reasons for this flow of migrants. Among them, the following may help explain the illegal migrancy:

  • Lack of jobs and low salaries in Mozambique;
  • Barriers to access schooling;
  • Barriers to access passports and visa;
  • Barriers to obtain means to start life;
  • Barriers to medical care and specialised treatment.

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