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A contribution for the understanding of the legislation on repatriation on Southern Africa

10. Recommendations

The Sub-Committees should develop repatriation policies that are more in line with the reality of the countries concerned and they should all strive to fulfil their obligations as agreed upon;

The Sub-Committees should find ways of jointly monitoring the implementation of the agreed memoranda. It must be borne in mind that the region is committed politically to a process of regional integration. It is through this process that our states can be able to make a meaningful contribution to globalisation. Thus the problems of our country should be seen to be the problems of the other and together these should try and find lasting solutions that will contribute to poverty alleviation, the major source of illegal migration. Among these one would suggest that investments should be promoted in the border areas so that there is as much on the Mozambican side as there is on the other;

In Mozambique investment should be made so that the working conditions of the law enforcement agents is improved. There is evidence that some of these agents are involved in illicit acts of corruption to top up their salaries in exchange of allowing easy crossing of the illegal migrants. At the Ressano Garcia border these agents are known by the local people and by their colleagues as “ ten- ten”, because they demand, at least R10 to facilitate illegal crossing of the border5.

Work for the construction of the Centre in Moamba should be speeded up. This would provide the minimum conditions for reception and accommodation of the repatriated Mozambican citizens and to double check whether there are no bogus Mozambicans in the lot. Once the centre is in place other institutions could be invited to sensitise the repatriated Mozambicans about the dangers of clandestine migration.

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