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Prime Minister's New Year (2008) statement

A.T. Dlamini

Government of Swaziland

30 December 2007

SARPN acknowledges the Government of Swaziland website as the source of this report:
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  1. On behalf of His Majesty's government and on my own behalf, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the nation and our visitors a healthy and prosperous new year; may 2008 be an eventful year for all of us.

  2. As 2007 draws to an end, I would like to reflect on the achievements for the past year and also briefly highlight some of the challenges that lie ahead of us as a country.

  3. From a national perspective, the year 2007 has been a year of some momentous achievements; we had a successful national agricultural summit, great strides have been made on the good governance front. To address challenges in the health sector, the health policy has been launched. We have forged ahead with the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the abuse of women and children. Providing high quality education remains a priority.

  4. On the other hand, we cannot overlook the fact that 2007 came with great challenges both for His Majesty's government and the country in general. Some of the challenges include the following; drought, wild fires, issues of orphans and vulnerable children, drug shortages, slow growth of our economy and poverty to mention but a few.

  5. As we enter 2008 I am aware that we have a huge task ahead of us, which is the national elections for members of parliament expected to be held some time in the new year. As the electorate we all need to exercise our constitutional right to vote for members of parliament.

  6. In the preceding paragraphs, I have briefly presented a summary of some of the achievements and challenges faced both by government and the nation as a whole. I will briefly highlight the achievements and future challenges.

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