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Living on the Margins
Accepted abstracts

Living on the Margins international conference
Vulnerability, social exclusion, and the state in the informal economy

26 - 28 March 2007

SARPN acknowledges Living on the Margins as the source of this document:
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  1. Band-Aid banditry, or bricolage? Cattle production, in the boderlands of the Eastern Cape province
    by Andrew Ainslie

  2. Informality and persistent poverty: pathways and time dimensions
    by Armando Barrientos

  3. Migrant and contract labour in global production systems - how to ensure decent work for the most vulnerable workers
    by Dr Stephanie Ware Barrientos

  4. Women and multiple vulnerabilities: opportunities and constraints in landed property ownership in the informal sector in Urban India
    by Bipasha Baruah

  5. Balancing family and labor market work: North-south differences
    by Lourdes Beneria

  6. Remmitances, poverty reduction and the informalisation of household wellbeing in Zimbabwe
    by Sarah Bracking and Professor Lloyd Sachikonye

  7. Globalisation, labour regulation and rising inequalities in South Africa
    by Dr Marlea Clarke

  8. Informalization, poverty and inequality in Kinshasha (DRC)
    By Dr. Tom De Herdt & Wim Marivoet

  9. Living in the background: home based women workers in South and South East Asia
    by Donna Doane

  10. In search of South Africa's second economy
    by Andries Du Toit and David Neves

  11. The occupations of economically marginalized disabled people: two stories of coping with mental illness and chronic poverty
    by Madeleine Duncan and Akona Mbombo

  12. Marginilasation, alienation, gender and the economy: an overview of all nodes in the urban renewal programme
    by David Everatt

  13. Working in the margins: social exclusion and integration in artisanal mining in Africa
    by Eleanor Fisher and Rosemarie Mwaipopo

  14. Occupation: A helpful way of viewing what people do every day and how they respond to poverty
    by Marion Fourie

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