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Report to the Secretary-General:
Mission of the special envoy for Humanitarian needs in Southern Africa

UN-OCHA Regional Office for Southern Africa

7 - 15 December 2006

SARPN acknowledges UN-OCHA Regional Office for Southern Africa as a source of this document.
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Despite major achievements in the past five years, the situation in southern Africa is still overwhelming in its scale and seriousness. It seems that the world has not yet understood the magnitude of the crisis that is affecting millions of people across the region.

In the face of this tremendous challenge, we need more than resources and talented staff, important though they are: we need to work together collegially and unselfishly, driven by a sense of common purpose and an emotional engagement in the vital work we do. These are fundamental to our ability to achieve the impact that is needed in this troubled yet potentially productive region.

Good leadership enables this kind of collaboration. People cannot simply be told to work together - they have to be inspired and engaged, and they have to want to work together in a cause that is greater than all of us.

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