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Alliance for Poverty Eradication (ALPE)

ALPE Newsletter

Alliance for Poverty Eradication (ALPE)

April 2006

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  • Alliance for Poverty Eradication (ALPE) is a programme of the Danish North/South Coalition and partners in Ghana, Honduras, Nicaragua and Zambia.

  • Alliance for Poverty Eradication (ALPE) focus on civil society influence on poverty reduction policies from a local empowerment and a gender perspective.


  • Welcome to the fourth ALPE Newsletter

  • African Network: Ghana & Zambia

  • Exchange visit underscore learning potential

  • Defining best practice - and sharing it

  • Putting the GPRS II to work: lessons for service delivery

  • Central American Network: Honduras & Nicaragua

  • Experience exchange shows great local potential

  • Influencing poverty eradication strategies

  • Western Honduras fights against poverty

  • FOSDEH watches over the PRS in Honduras

  • Influencing the ERCERP II in Nicaragua

  • IMF conditionality is wrong strategy for poverty reduction

  • Gender equality and poverty reduction

  • Poor ownership of the gender approach

  • "Being a poor woman is not like being a poor man"

  • Denmark

  • Africa high on Danish agenda after PM visit

  • Rally boost knowledge on MDGs in Denmark

  • Denmark Clash with Muslim World over Cartoons

  • Nigeria debt deal lucrative for Denmark

  • In and around the ALPE programme

  • ALPE a year ahead

  • Calendar

  • Recommended links & reading

  • Contact information

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