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The 2005 Summit of the G8: Disappointed but resolute
(Joint statement from African Civil Society Organisations at the conclusion of the 2005 Summit)

Gleneagles, Scotland

6 - 8 July 2005

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As the G8 Summit comes to an end on the 8th July, we representatives of some of the largest continental organisations and national networks headquartered in several African cities, bringing together women's organisations, labour, researchers, development and advocacy NGOs across Africa note the following;

Firstly, we express our total solidarity with the British people and our deep sorrow for the victims of the terrorist attacks on London yesterday.

Simply put, we are disappointed in the outcomes of Gleneagles. The resolutions fall far short of our expectations for a comprehensive and radical strategy to make poverty history in Africa. The Summit has simply reaffirmed existing decisions on debt cancellation and doubling of aid. The debt package only provides only 10% of the relief required and affects only one third of the countries that need it. While recognizing US$500 million in new monies, the majority of the US$50 billion pledged is drawn from existing obligations and will not be available until 2010. Further, both packages are still attached to harmful policy conditionality.
"Today, the G8 missed a historic opportunity to write off the debt of over 62 least developing countries," said Hassen Lorgat of South Africa's SANGOCO.

Our work has just begun. Over the next six months, we shall intensify our campaigns for;
  1. Total and unconditional debt write-off for all of Africa failing which, debt repudiation becomes the logical conclusion for African Governments.
  2. The G8 to meet the 0.7% GNI target for international development assistance and front load those commitments without donor imposed policy conditionality.
  3. The WTO to recognise the right of African states to redress and to protect their fragile economies without losing their right to access industrialized countries markets
  4. The removal of OECD market access constraints and an end to subsidies that lead to dumping of products on Africa markets and the crowding out African producers.

Above all, Africa must look within for change. "The message from Gleneagles is clear to us in Africa. We will intensify our call to our Governments that have not secured debt cancellation to strongly consider repudiating unjust and odious external debt," said Justice Egware of Civil Society Action Coalition on Education for All in Nigeria. The HIPC conditionalities do not suit the needs of most African countries. Further, we urge our Governments to exercise their right to protect our economies and essential health and education services.

This year, we have been an integral part of a historic global campaign to end poverty. We will continue to mobilize internationally through the Global Call to Action Against Poverty and other global campaigns. The millions mobilized in Africa and around the world should not be disappointed. We will stay our course and remain vigilant until we secure the conditions for Africa's renaissance.

Signed by the following African and regional civil society organizations and networks:
African Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD)-Harare, Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD)-Nairobi, African Women's Economic Policy Network-Uganda, Mwelekeo wa NGO (MWENGO)-Harare, SEATINI-Kampala, Pan African Literacy and Adult Education (PALAE), ANCEFA, African Women Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)-Nairobi, SANGOCO-South Africa, CONGAD-Senegal, Eco-news Africa-Kenya, Civil Society Action Coalition on Education for All-Nigeria, ARCOS, International Network Secretariat for Sustainability Watch Network -Uganda, Creative Storm Networks - Ghana, CSO Coalition on MDGs -Kenya, Adolescent Health and Information Projects(AHIP)- Nigeria, Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development (UCSD), Centre for Rights Education & Awareness-Kenya.

And endorsed by
ActionAid International, Africa Action-USA, Foreign Policy in Focus-USA, Trans Africa-USA, American Friends Service Committee, CIVICUS, Saferworld, FAHAMU, Oxfam International

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