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World Bank

Trade Union Participation in the PRSP Process

Lawrence Egulu

August 2004

Social Protection Unit, Human Development Network, The World Bank

SARPN acknowledges the World Bank website as the source of this document:
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Executive summary

The PRSP approach offers an opportunity for civil society organizations to join governments in the development and implementation of poverty reduction strategies. Trade unions have been encouraged to participate. This report notes that most unions have been invited to the discussions leading to formulation of the PRSPs but none has been included in the drafting, implementation, monitoring or evaluation. Based on findings from 23 PRSP countries, the study identifies a number of weaknesses and shortcomings which have limited the effective participation of trade unions, mainly capacity issues, time constraints, and lack of structured participatory processes. Lack of consensus on contentious issues like privatisation, pensions reforms and labor code reform, have been worrisome to some unions. The paper calls for, among other things, more dialogue between the labour movement and the IFIs, strengthening trade unions, building union capacity and more analytical work on labor market policies and core labor standards.

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