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Report of the International Conference on Poverty Reduction Strategy in Africa

11. PRSP Implementation Matrix
Country Institution Stage Reached MP participation
Tanzania Vice President’s Office 1st Year of Implementation Parliamentarians actively participated in formulation and seek key role in implementation
Uganda Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning 3rd Year of Implementation ParliamentariansActively participated in formulation and are key players in implementation
Malawi National Economic Council Launched in April 2002, Decision Point Parliamentarians’ participation in formulation is on the rise. MPs will be active players in implementation
Mozambique Ministry of Finance and Planning 1st Year of Implementation Participation of Parliamentarians in formulation has been minimal.
Angola Ministry of Planning Interim Parliamentarians’ participation, though minimal at this point, is set to rise in post war scenario
Zambia Ministry of Finance & National Planning Decision Point Parliamentarians’ role was overshadowed by 2001 elections. MPs now keen to participate effectively
Madagascar Office of the Prime Minister Interim Parliamentarians participation has to date been minimal
Ghana Ministry of Finance Decision Point Parliamentarians have actively participated in formulation of the GPRS

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