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Namibia household income & expenditure survey 2003/2004

Preliminary Report

Central Bureau of Statistics, National Planning Commission
Republic of Namibia

March 2006

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The first Namibia Household Income and Expenditure Survey was conducted in 1993/1994 after the first nationwide Population and Housing Census in 1991. Among other important contributions the results from that survey were used to monitor the progress of the 1991 – 1993 Transitional Development Plan and also as benchmark indicators for the First National Development Plan (NDP 1). The Namibia Household Income and Expenditure Survey (NHIES) 2003/2004 will be used to monitor the progress made during the inter-survey period.


The main objectives of the NHIES 2003/2004 include providing data necessary for policy making at different sectors and levels as well as to evaluate and monitor various development programmes. Hence the data would be used for the evaluation of the performance of NDP1 in the improvements of the welfare of Namibian people. It could also be used for estimation of benchmark indicators for the monitoring of development initiatives such as Second Development Plan (NDP2), Vision 2030, Poverty Reduction Strategy for Namibia, and National Human Resources Plan.

The data will also be used in the National Accounts compilations, updating the basket of goods and services and the weights for the national consumer price index, welfare and poverty studies and nutritional studies, etc.

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