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Getting Governance Right: Multi-level and Multi-stakeholder approaches to enhancing food security

James V. Riker

Democracy Collaborative, University of Maryland

28 July 2005

SARPN acknowledges International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) as the source of this document -
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Introduction: Global Consensus to End Hunger

At multiple global forafrom the World Food Conference in 1974 to the Word Food Summit in 1996 and the Millennium Summit in 2000, leaders representing over 190 governments have repeatedly committed themselves to the vision of ending hunger in the world.

National Commitments to Food Security

At the national level, a recent study by IFPRI found that “most of the 34 countries with the highest number and percentage of food insecure people”have formally issued policy goals for enhancing food security.

More than 22 governments have reformed existing policies or developed “new agriculture and nutrition policies to enhance food security in the last five years.”(IFPRI 2020 Discussion Paper 39, 2005).

National Commitments to Food as a Human Right

The new democratic government in South Africa has enshrined the right to food in its constitution and actively supported national-level initiatives to enhance food security.

Over 20 other governments have formally recognized the right to food in their constitutions.(FAO 2002).

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