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Why should we care about unpaid care work?

Debbie Budlender, UNIFEM


Posted with permission of Ms Nomcebo Manzini, regional programme director, UNIFEM. © UNIFEM 2004
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The guidebook covers an enormous area. It provides a broad sweep, rather than technical details on any of the many areas. It provides the why and what rather than the detailed how-to of investigating unpaid care work. In many other sources, the topics covered in this guidebook are discussed in a very academic or very technical way which excludes many people. The approach used here is to provide the basics in as simple a way as possible, but also to provide references so that interested readers can go further on their own. We have adopted the broad-brush and non-technical approach because we hope that this guidebook will stimulate groups to take up the issues through advocacy. If advocacy is our main aim, we want as many people as possible involved, and we want as many people as possible to understand enough to make the arguments themselves.

Some of the issues covered in this guidebook involve statistical and economic terms and concepts. The guidebook is written for non-economists and non-statisticians. However, it is the statisticians who produce the figures and the economists who build the economic models which provide the building blocks on which much policy is made. If the non-economists and nonstatisticians want to influence the statisticians and economists, and engage them in argument, they need to know the basic terms and concepts.

Table of contents:

Cover and foreword - 296Kb ~ 2 min (8 pages)

Background - 188Kb ~ 1 min (4 pages)

Unpaid care work and poverty - 190Kb ~ 1 min (4 pages)

Uncounted and under counted, unpaid and underpaid - 542Kb ~ 3 min (12 pages)

Collecting and analyzing statistics on unpaid care work - 626Kb ~ 3 min (14 pages)

Assigning economic value to unpaid care work - 453Kb ~ 3 min (10 pages)

Putting unpaid care work into the national accounts - 183Kb ~ 1 min (4 pages)

Forward into advocacy - 593Kb ~ 3 min (12 pages)

References - 232Kb ~ 1 min (5 pages)

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