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Conference on

Stability, Poverty Reduction, and South African trade and investment in Southern Africa

Presented by SARPN and the EU's CWCI Fund

29-30 March, 2004

HSRC Conference Facility (Forum 150)

134 Pretorius Street, Pretoria

SARPN would like to acknowledge the financial support from the EU's CWCI fund in holding this conference.
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  • Keynote Address:
    Bridging the divide between South Africa and the Region through development
    - Minister Jeff Radebe

  • Conference papers

    • Preface
      - Richard Humphries
    • Introduction
      - Sanusha Naidu
    • Stability, Poverty Reduction, and South African Trade and Investment in Southern Africa
      - Jeff Radebe
    • Understanding South Africa’s Engagement in the Region: Has the Leopard Changed its Spots?
      - Sanusha Naidu and Jessica Lutchman
    • Mapping South Africa’s Trade and Investment in the Region
      - Reg Rumney and Michelle Pingo
    • A Trade and Investment Perspective on the Region
      - Richard Kamidza
    • What is the Experience and Impact of South African Trade and Investment on the Growth and Development of Host Economies? A View from Mozambique
      - Carlos Nuno Castel-Branco
    • Do South African Corporations Play By The Rules? Selected Case Studies from Zambia and Kenya
      - Frywell Shaba Ghirwa
    • South African Corporate Expansion and Zimbabwe’s Economic Regeneration
      - E G Cross
    • Doing Business in Southern Africa: Opportunities and Constraints
      - Iraj Abedian
    • Vodacom’s Regional Activities
      - Niezaam Davids
    • African Social Observatory Synthesis Report
      - Devan Pillay
    • South Africa’s Foreign Policy and a Realistic Vision of an African Century
      - Adam Habib and Nthakeng Selinyane
    • Harmonising Trade Relations Between Regional Economic Communities: the case of SADC and COMESA
      - Chawe Mpande-Chuulu

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