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Province of the Eastern Cape
Province of the Eastern Cape

Strategy framework for growth and development, Province of the Eastern Cape, 2004-2014

Approved by the Executive Council, Province of the Eastern Cape on 4 June 2003

This document was first posted on the Eastern Cape Provincial Administration's website:
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Vision: Eastern Cape, a compelling place to live, work and invest in for all its people.


The Provincial Growth & Development Plan (PGDP)

The Provincial Government of the Eastern Cape and its social partners are currently formulating a Provincial Growth and Development Plan (PGDP), in line with the national policy framework for socio-economic planning at provincial level. The PGDP will provide the strategic framework, sectoral strategies and programmes aimed at a rapid improvement in the quality of life for the poorest people of the Province. To do this the PGDP will set out a vision with quantified and sequenced targets in the areas of economic growth, employment creation, poverty eradication and income redistribution for the ten-year period 2004-2014.

This Plan represents a step forward from previous development planning processes in the Province, which have tended to be sectorally driven and fragmented, short-term and sometimes reactive. The PGDP gives the Eastern Cape the opportunity for medium-to-long range (10 year) strategic planning to prioritise and address major structural deficiencies in the economy and the conditions of society.

Extensive consultation and input from Provincial Government, public entities, municipalities, business, labour, NGOs, and higher education institutions in the planning process to date also mean that the PGDP will provide the opportunity for long term co-operation between the provincial social partners around a coherent socio-economic development strategy.

Purpose & objectives of the framework document

The process of developing the PGDP is divided into two phases:

  • Firstly, the development of an overarching Strategy Framework.
  • Secondly, the translation of this strategy framework into detailed and sequenced sectoral strategies, plans and programmes.
This document – The Eastern Cape Strategy Framework for Growth and Development 2004- -2014 – is the outcome of this first phase. The main aim of the Framework Document is to articulate a consensus-based vision and quantified targets for Provincial Growth and Development through a clear strategy framework. This strategy framework will in turn lay the ground for the generation of policy options, the prioritisation of objectives, and the consequent development of sectoral strategies, plans and programmes.

The Framework Documents embodies the following:
  • A clear vision for the long-term development of the Eastern Cape.
  • An analysis of the causes of socio-economic underdevelopment in the Province.
  • A review of development planning and its success in addressing core challenges.
  • A summary of the socio-economic challenges to be addressed in the PGDP.
  • Setting out the development opportunities to be seized by the PGDP.
  • A quantified vision and sequenced targets for economic growth, job creation, poverty eradication, human development, and institutional transformation.
  • A 10-year strategy for Provincial Growth and Development, identifying priorities and key programme thrusts.
  • The sequencing of implementation and key programme priorities to set the direction for the second phase of the PGDP.

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