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Africa Action Plan: UK Progress Report

Posted with permission of DFID (Pretoria)
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Africa Action Plan: UK Progress Report Britain published last year an Action Plan indicating what we would do to implement the commitments agreed in the G8 Africa Action Plan. This report sets out what we have done so far to deliver on these commitments. It represents work in progress, illustrating the continuing engagement between Britain and Africa in pursuit of our common objectives.

Promoting Peace and Security

Progress in Africa, and improvement in the lives of its people, has been undermined or destroyed by conflict and insecurity. Scarce resources needed to fight poverty have been wasted. Conflicts in one country have fuelled insecurity and instability in its neighbours. Without peace and security Africa will not realise the goals set out in the new Partnership for African Development (Extract from Africa Action Plan).

Conflict prevention and resolution is therefore a top priority for this Government. Conflict management and peace building is also at the heart of Government policy supported by joint work between DFID, FCO and MOD through the Africa Conflict Prevention Pool.

Strengthening Institutions and Governance

NEPAD rightly concludes that “development is impossible in the absence of true democracy, respect for human rights, peace and good governance”.

Fostering Trade, Investment, Economic Growth and SustainableDevelopment

Economic growth is essential for poverty reduction and development. Resources available for development, including aid resources, must be used more effectively.

Implementing Debt Relief

Our objective remains to assist countries to reduce poverty by enabling them to exit the HIPC process with sustainable levels of debt.

Expanding Knowledge: Improving and Promoting Education and Expanding Digital Opportunities

Our primary objective has been to improve the quality of education at all levels in Africa by increasing support to basic education; promoting equal access for girls; and the development of sound education plans.

Improving Health and Confronting HIV/AIDS

The UK is fully committed to continuing with efforts to eliminate polio, and to put in place a system of differential pricing of medicines and build up basic healthcare systems in order to ensure medicines and treatment are available and affordable across Africa.

Increasing Agricultural Productivity

In addition to promoting trade reform, Britain supports calls for greater attention to agricultural development.

Improving Water Resource Management

The provision of infrastructure for water is central to achieving sustainable water resources management and services delivery, including sanitation.

[Complete Report - 449Kb ~ 2 min (19 pages)]

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