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International Crisis Group

Dealing with Savimbi's ghost: The security and humanitarian challenges in Angola

26 February 2003

Posted with permission of John Prendergast, International Crisis Group.
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Table of contents
Executive Summary and Recommendations
Document without appendices - 106Kb ~ 1 min (17 pages)
I. Introduction
II. The post-independence period
III. The aftermath of war
IV. Winning the peace: Security and humanitarian issues
V. Strategies for consolidating the peace
VI. Conclusion
  Appendix A: Map of Angola - 384Kb ~ 2 min (1 pages)
  Appendix B: Map of IDPs presence by province - 208Kb ~ 1 min (1 pages)
  Appendix C: Map of number of suspected mine fields - 207Kb ~ 1 min (1 pages)
  Appendix D: About the International Crisis Group - 15Kb < 1min (1 pages)
  Appendix E: ICG reports and briefings - 40Kb < 1min (5 pages)
  Appendix F: ICG board members - 19Kb < 1min (2 pages)

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