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An Easy Look at Zambia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper 2002-2004


The document has been prepared by the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR), a network of civil society organisations hosted by the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) whose core purpose was to ensure strong and effective civil society participation in Zambia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper. The network came together in October 2000. Its current activities include but go beyond the PRSP to issues of poverty on a broader level. The network draws its membership from various organisations involved in poverty reduction throughout Zambia, including those representing various interest groups affected by and working around the different faces of poverty.

This book is a popularised version of Zambia’s first PRSP covering the period 2002-2004. It does not comment on the PRSP – it just reports in easy-to-read English language what is in the final PRSP as approved by Government. This does not mean that CSPR agrees with everything in PRSP – we surely have questions about some emphases, priorities, interpretations of history etc. But that is something for the groups who use the book to get into. We published this summary because we want to create an understanding of what is in the PRSP. The popularisation and dissemination of the summarised PRSP is one way of doing this.

The preparation of the PRSP certainly had its challenges, but its implementation has even greater ones. We can point out the need for political will and commitment, relevant capacity for effective implementation and monitoring at national, provincial, district and community levels, heavy reliance on donor resources etc – all challenges that must be met for a successful PRSP.

Finally CSPR would like to thank the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), German Technical Services (GTZ) and our other cooperating partners who have supported the preparation and dissemination of this book. Further we acknowledge the work of Charlotte Harland, the consultant engaged to work with PRSP in popularising the document, and Felishano Bwalya, the illustrator.

Let us work together to see poverty reduction become a reality for Zambia!

Besinathi Phiri Mpepo
Coordinator, CSPR

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