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The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)

FULL PLAIN LANGUAGE VERSION: A resource for organisations

PUBLISHED BY: The Open Society Foundation for South Africa, Colinton House, Fedsure Oval, I Oakdale Road, Newlands 770, South Africa


Posted with the permission of the Open Society Foundation for South Africa
В© Open Society Foundation for South Africa 2002
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Writing and development: Derrick Fine, Layout and design: Roelien Theron, Printing: Creda Communications, Administration: Isobel April, Management: Zohra Dawood

Table of contents
Why we have written this booklet
How to use this booklet
Abbreviations and acronyms
1.   Introducing NEPAD
2.   Africa in today's world: Between poverty and prosperity
3.   The new political will of African leaders
4.   Appeal to the peoples of Africa
5.   Programme of Action: NEPAD's strategy for achieving sustainable development in the 21st century
6.   A new global partnership
7.   Implementing NEPAD
8.   Conclusion
Questions for discussion
Useful words and concepts
Useful contacts and resources

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