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Situating Nepad in the global debate on growth

Trevor A Manuel, Minister of Finance, Republic of South Africa
5 December 2002

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The NEPAD programme is critical for the successful economic development of Africa and the achievement of a continent characterised by high standards of living, thriving private sectors, and accountable and democratic states. There is no question that governmental and private support for the initiative is strong and enthusiastic.

Moreover, NEPAD has emerged out of several years of negotiaton and consultation to ensure that among Africa’s governments and peoples, the programme has durable and widespread political support. As an economic programme, furthermore, NEPAD has been constructed to address not only specific African economic problems, but also the complex and often fraught international economic relationships that characterise our global community.

Over the last year, a number of new agreements were reached that reflect a renewed awareness of the difficulties faced by the global community in combating poverty – and the costs of not doing so effectively. The Monterrey Consensus, which was the outcome of the UN’s conference on Financing For Development, was a landmark, setting out the concept of partnership between developed and developing countries, and elaborating the areas of work in which the partnership would be made effective.

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