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"Reports of the Taylor Committee into a social security system for South Africa”

Essential reading on poverty issues in South Africa

Posted with permission from the Department of Social Development

Committee Report No 1: Introduction
Committee Report No 2: The socio-economic context: An imperative for social protection
Committee Report No 3: Constitutional framework of Social Security in South Africa: regulation, protection, enforcement and adjudication
Committee Report No 4: Conceptual Framework
Committee Report No 5: Social Protection: Employment and Unemployment
Committee Report No 6: Various social security aspects of the South African Health System
Committee Report No 7: Retirement and old age
Committee Report No 8: Poverty, Social Assistance and the Basic Income Grant
Committee Report No 9: Social security for people with disabilities
Committee Report No 10:  Children and social security in South Africa
Committee Report No 11: Coverage against employment injuries and diseases
Committee Report No 12: Institutional framework for comprehensive social protection
Committee Report No 13: Financial Framework for Comprehensive Social Protection
Committee Report No 14: Social Security within a Regional Context

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