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Traditional Authority and Land in KwaZulu-Natal

Traditional authorities, land and policy: Current debates and challenges

Government is frequently charged with failing to finalise key policies relating to traditional authorities, for example, local government roles and functions, and communal land tenure. Whilst it is true that important issues remain unresolved, it is also true that the issues themselves are very complex and that some have become so politicised that rational debate is hindered. This section addresses some of these policy areas in a manner which hopefully enables rational debates and viable solutions.

First we propose a set of underlying themes and discuss the broader debates which frame the particular challenges (‘Themes and perspectives in the current challenges and debates’) and then (in “The issues’) work systematically through some of recurrent policy issues to explore what’s at stake and the grounds for their possible resolution.

Given the complexity of the terrain, the paper does not presume to be comprehensive and its conclusions may well be controversial. If this provokes feedback and debate it is to be welcomed and may contribute to finding appropriate solutions.

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