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Budget and Finance Committee
Pre-Budget report to the National Assembly - June 2001

Chairperson of Committee: Mr Louis Chimango

Note: This report was prepared by the committee in close consultation with civil society, notably the Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN).
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Table of Contents
1.   Introduction
   1.1. Budget and Finance Committee Members and Terms of Reference
   1.2. Purpose and Scope of the Report
   1.3. Work Undertaken by the Committee to Date
   1.4. Acknowledgements
2.   The Budget
   2.1. The Budget as a Tool for Poverty Reduction
   2.2. The Role of Parliament and the Public in the Budget Process
   2.3. Broadening Ownership of Budget Oversight within Parliament
   2.4. Designating Priority Poverty Expenditures
   2.5. The Budget Format
   2.6. Monitoring the Budget and Tracking Results
   2.7. Protecting Priority Poverty Expenditures
3.   Donor Debt Relief as a Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC)
   3.1. The HIPC Process and the Amount of Debt Relief
   3.2. Managing HIPC Funds
4.   The Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP)
   4.1. Important Features of the PRSP
   4.2. The PRSP Process to Date
5.   Poverty Analysis
   5.1. The Extent of Poverty
   5.2. Who and Where Are the Poor
   5.3. The Educational Status of the Poor
   5.4. The Health Status of the Poor
   5.5. Economic Characteristics of the Poor
   5.6. Agriculture and the Poor
   5.7. Helping the Poor
6.   Agriculture
   6.1. Spending for Agriculture
   6.2. Allocation of Resources within the Agriculture Budget
   6.3. Extension Services
   6.4. Access to Credit
   6.5. Targeted Inputs Programme (TIP)
7.   Education
   7.1. Primary Education
   7.2. Teacher Training
   7.3. Conditions of Service for Teachers
   7.4. Teaching and Learning Materials
8.   Health
   8.1. Primary Health Care
   8.2. Training Front-Line Health Care Professionals
   8.3. Conditions of Service for Front-Line Health Care Professionals
   8.4. Drugs and Medical Supplies
9.   Infrastructure
   9.1. Rural Roads
   9.2. Safe Drinking Water
10.   Security
   10.1. Police Service and Community Policing
11.   Macroeconomic Review
   11.1. Economic Outlook
   11.2. Inflation
   11.3. Monetary Policy
   11.4. Interest Rates
   11.5. Fiscal Policy
12.   The Private Sector
   12.1. The Surtax
13.   Conclusion
14.   Recommendations
15.   Annexes
A.   Consultants and Technical Advisers
B.   Members from Other Committees Who Participated in Budget and Finance Committee Meetings
C.   Government Spokespersons Consulted by the Committee
D.   Civic Organisations Consulted by the Committee
E.   Table 4, Indicative Use of HIPC Resources: 2000/01-2002/03, and Box 2, Policy Areas to be Monitored for the Floating Completion Point, Excerpts from World Bank’s HIPC Decision Point Document
F.   Bibliography
   Complete Document  [184 KB]

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