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Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN)
Contributing towards the effective reduction of poverty in the SADC region, through knowledge management, building linkages and promoting debate

The Automotive Components Trade in Africa: Its Place and Potential  (2020-01-27)
This paper presents a large amount of data in both tabular and visualised form in order to facilitate an analysis of the status and future potential of the automotive components sector in industrialisation and trade in Africa. At present Africa is...

tralac’s Daily News Selection  (2020-01-27)
Diarise: Burundi’s National Trade Facilitation Committee meeting (28-31 January, Bujumbura) Indian Ocean Rim Association experts’ meeting on intra-regional trade and investment (30-31 January, Mauritius) UNCTAD’s Trade and...

tralac’s Daily News Selection  (2020-01-24)
10th meeting of African Ministers of Trade (14 December 2019, Accra): Declaration on WTO issues The following communication (dated 21 January 2020) is being circulated to delegations at the request of the Delegation of Botswana. Selected...

tralac’s Daily News Selection  (2020-01-23)
Rwanda to scrap visa fees for over 90 countries (New Times) Rwanda is considering scrapping visa fees for citizens of the Commonwealth, as well as the African Union and La Francophonie member countries, President Paul Kagame has announced....

tralac’s Daily News Selection  (2020-01-22)
Underway in Addis Ababa: The 33rd AU Summit kicks off with the 39th Session of the Permanent Representatives Committee For two days, the 39th Session of the PRC will consider the reports of the various activities of their sub-committees, reports...

How viable are auto component regional value chains in Africa?
Automotive components are the building blocks of automobiles and hence are a key part of the one of the world’s largest manufacturing industries. Within Africa the automotive components industry is only established in a few countries, but there...

What if Africa were to liberalise the intra-Africa automotive components trade?
What if Africa were to liberalise the intra-Africa automotive components trade? A forthcoming tralac working paper (by this author) presents the results of a simulation of the complete liberalisation of the intra-African automotive components...

South Africa’s Role in the Automotive Components Trade in Africa
Africa is a continent that is, in general, dependent on the rest of the world (ROW) for manufactured imports. There are some exceptions to this, one of them being the automotive components trade. The automotive components trade (HS8708) is a subset...

tralac’s Daily News Selection  (2020-01-21)
UK-Africa Investment Summit: Keynote outcomes, speeches UK government statement issued at the closure of the summit Opening speech by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Closing speech by International Development Secretary Alok...

tralac’s Daily News Selection  (2020-01-20)
Today, in London: The UK-Africa Investment Summit Growth Gateway announced at UK-Africa Investment Summit The service will help businesses access the UK government’s trade, investment and finance offer for Africa all in one place. It...

When foreign Firms enforce trade-related contractual Claims in South Africa: Clarification of a unique Ministerial Discretion  (2020-01-19)
International trade agreements are concluded by sovereign States. Once these agreements have entered into force the State Parties must comply with their obligations to liberalize trade and to regulate trade-related matters in the manner agreed...

Domestic Courts and Customs Governance: Time for urgent Reform?  (2020-01-19)
Mis-invoicing in trade is a massive problem in South Africa, and elsewhere in Africa.Trade mis-invoicing occurs when companies or individuals falsify the prices of goods on import (or export) invoices in order to avoid import taxes or to qualify...

South African Mining and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement: South Africa’s exports of Mining Equipment, Technology and Services  (2020-01-18)
The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) was signed by 44 AU member states in 2018 and came into force in May 2019 after being ratified by 22 member states – the requisite number of entry into force. Phase 1 of the AfCFTA – the...

South Africa under GSP country review: what implications for preferential exports to the United States?  (2020-01-18)
On 25 March 2019, the United States Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) issued a notice through the Federal Register on its annual Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) product and country review. This is a relatively routine...

Achieving the SDGs – where does Africa’s youth fit in?  (2019-12-19)
The outcome document of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) recognises young people as a group left behind. The principle of leaving no one behind, a key principle of the SDGs, therefore obliges a focus on young people, among other groups....

Outcomes of COP25
The 25th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) was held in Madrid, Spain from 2nd to 13th December 2019. COP25 was intended to be the launchpad for the full implementation of the Paris Agreement...

Finding African Solutions for the Taxation of Digital Trade
The development of the digital economy has brought many public policy and administrative challenges to governments worldwide. Among these is how an international taxation system that was designed for goods trade and physically present companies can...

tralac Alumni Workshop 2019
tralac hosted its 2019 Alumni Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya on 5 and 6 December. The participants were alumni of tralac’s training programmes, including the post-graduate diploma and Masters degree programme, the tralac certificate course:...

Where is the AfCFTA’s Engine Room?
The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) might not be designed to have one single “engine room,” but the scope of the underlying ambition seems to require one. The creation of “a single market for goods, services, facilitated by movement of...

tralac’s Daily News Selection  (2019-12-17)
AfCFTA Ratification update: Great news out of Accra at the 2nd meeting of AfCFTA Council of Ministers is that Algeria has ratified the AfCFTA, bringing the number of countries that have ratified to 29. [Source: @jattamensah] Visualizing 2020:...

Third International Policy Conference on the African Child - 'Child Poverty in Africa'
African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)
Venue: United Nations Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Date: 12-13 May 2008
ARC briefing note on the outcomes of the 10th African Union Summit
The tenth African Union (AU) Summit took place at the UN Conference Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 25 January to 2 February 2008.
South African Journal of International Affairs: Call for Papers
February 2008
The South African Journal of International Affairs (SAJIA) is published biannually by the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA).
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